Tuesday, 12 April 2016


As you may or may not have noticed I haven't blogged for a while. Without going into too much detail, because I want my blog to be somewhere both I and anyone else can come for a peaceful read, I broke up with my (at the time) boyfriend. Just to get it out there though I am not upset about the breakup, I'm actually in a really happy place at the moment and I am more than aware that I don't, nor does any other female, need a man in their life to be happy.

Now I've cleared that up I can get into what I think is a very exciting post! Just before easter my family got two new bunnies. I'm not entirely sure what breed they are but of course I do know that they're both females and are about 24 weeks old. The black one is mine and is called Muffin and the white, patchy one is my sisters and is called Jambo. I took the photos a while back when they were still living inside and only just being introduced to their run, hence why their cage is inside and their run is on the patio. Now however, they're living outside in their hutch and they love running around their run on the grass. 

I'm also going to apologise now for the lack of uploads that are on their way. I'm in exam season now and I'm a ridiculous stress head anyway, but hopefully I'll be uploading a lot more in the summer when I have 6 weeks off - I can't wait.