Friday, 12 February 2016


For those of you who don't know I recently visited London with my college on a Media trip. I usually wouldn't talk about something like this in my blog, but Media is something I feel really passionate about and it's something that interests me. I usually try to avoid having opinions on controversial topics and I don't judge those I don't know. However, this is my blog and my opinions. If you disagree with anything in this post then that's fine, I actually love to see things from other people's point of view - but obviously only when they're polite.

While in London we visited the BBFC Studio in Soho. I already knew a little bit about the BBFC as I had researched a small amount for my media coursework. For those of you who don't know, the BBFC are the British Board of Film Classification, meaning they are in charge of what age rating a film gets: U, PG, 12/12A, 15 or 18. We had a talk by a lady, whose name I unfortunately don't remember, and I actually really enjoyed it. She gave us lots of 'behind the scenes' information and one of the things she told us was about a film that was sent into them called "Paint Drying". I'm sure you're familiar with the expression "watching paint dry", because it was exactly that. A young man named Charlie Lyne made and sent a video to the BBFC of paint drying. Lyne managed to raise enough money to send 10 hours worth of the original 14 hour clip in an attempt to protest film censorship. Not only do I disagree with the protest, I also think there were multiple things wrong with it and I don't think Lyne was knowledgeable enough to make a judgement on the BBFC, despite him being a 'film maker'.

So, why do I disagree with the protest? The idea was that Lyne, and those who helped him raise the money didn't agree that the BBFC have the right to decide what the general public can and can't watch. However, while being at the studio I quickly understood that the ratings given to films are mainly used as guidelines to help parents understand what is suitable for their children, and also to help adults who aren't so keen on the highest levels on violence, gore, drug use and sex (which may be presented in a certificate 18) meaning they therefore opt for a 15 or lower rated film instead. I do believe that film classification is important, especially because it isn't the end of the world if you want to see an 18 but you're underage. You cannot legally go to the cinema to watch a film or buy a film if you're underage but there is nothing stopping you from actually watching the film.

There are well known violent crimes that have occurred as a result of children watching films rated way beyond their age. For example, the James Bulger story. A young boy was brutally beaten and murdered by two older boys, aged just 10 years old, as they attempted to imitate a scene from Child's Play. Obviously, the boys who committed the crime didn't buy or go to the cinema to watch the film, so in some respect the BBFC's rating has nothing to do with the story. However, by having the rating on films it helps (responsible) parents to make quick assumptions in whether or not their child should watch a certain film or not. Obviously, young children should not watch certain things and the BBFC ensure that nothing dangerous is included in younger rated films to avoid imitation.

The BBFC are a non-profit organisation and do not set out to reject films or give them ratings other than what the film ideally wants. In fact, the BBFC are there to help film companies/makers when it comes to giving them a rating in order for them to release their film in cinemas and on DVD. In the past 4 years only one film has been rejected due to it being largely based on sadistic sexual violence. Which as a rule, tells you that adults are pretty much entitled to view anything they wish. I don't know a whole lot about "film making", but if Lyne and other film makers were any good at their job they'd have a target audience (who he films is aimed at). The certificates given by the BBFC are not strict and and allow for any target audience. For example, a good film will never be aimed at adults (certificate 18) and four year old children (universal certificate). This leads me to question why people protest against the BBFC. Also, as mention previously, the BBFC are there to help films receive the rating they want. The BBFC gives film makers/institutions the opportunity to include what they would like their film to be rated. They then make notes on the film and advise, if anything, what needs to be changed in order for that film to achieve a certain certificate.

Not all films need to be certified by the BBFC. Films that can be streamed, for example on Netflix, don't need a rating. However, it's extremely common that they do because the ratings are recognisable and therefore help to cover the film from any complaints. 

For Lyne to have protested in a way like this it must have meant he was passionate about the subject and had done lot of research around the topic to develop a full understanding. However, to me, his story doesn't add up. Originally Lyne planned to send a 14 hour long film, but instead only sent a 10 hour long film after "forgetting" VAT. Lyne relied on the money of strangers to send his film but couldn't even give them reliable information about the protest. Similarly, Lyne thought, and spoke out about how two examiners would watch his film for 8.5 hours per day. However, this was also wrong. Multiple examiners watched different parts of the film in pairs, each only watching a few hours at a time. 
Not only did Lyne tell his donors the wrong information, he also pretty much failed on his attempt to protest; sitting and relaxing for a couple of hours, WHILE GETTING PAID, isn't such a terrible thing, right?

For those of you interested in how the examination went, the BBFC took it extremely seriously as they would any other film - proving that they're an extremely reliable source. In the talk, it was revealed that the examiners had a suspicion of Lyne including some pornographic images etc. partway through the film, however the film genuinely was just paint drying on a wall, meaning the certificate given was U.

I hope you enjoyed this post, whether you agree or not. I'm going to be uploading some images I took in London soon so hopefully, if you didn't like this post, that post will be a little bit more up your street. Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave your own opinion in the comments.

Sunday, 22 November 2015


"Beauty is about living your life and being happy with yourself inside and out and not worrying about what people think of you"
So, bullying isn't usually a topic I speak about on my blog, or in real life in fact. However, I recently stumbled upon Treaclemoon, whose ambition is is to spread awareness to stamp out bullying and also increase self-belief. After researching and asking for more information it soon became apparent to me that actually, this was something I couldn't not feature here on my blog. It was the quote "true beauty comes from the heart" that particularly sparked my interest. However much I love the idea of makeup and fashion, a persons truest beauty will always come from the inside, their personality. Which is why both myself and Treaclemoon believe it is absolutely vital that each person is confident enough to be them self no matter what.
Being a teenage girl in today's generation I know as well as the next young person how difficult it is to confidently express your true self, especially with the pressure from social media. There is always going to be that fear of being judged or even worse, bullied. In reality though, the only people who are going to judge you are those who are too scared to express their own true selves. Although it can be scary at first to be your true self; you're unique and you have every right express that. I can't stress enough how important it is for you to be yourself. All of us are special in our own little way and that is exactly what makes us us.
Treaclemoon are also an official charity sponsor of BulliesOut. They help to provide information to young people while also helping them to recognise their self-worth and potential to ensure them of a positive future. If they sound like they'd be any help at all to you, don't hesitate to get in-touch and seek advise. Just as Treaclemoon believe, having the confidence to #beyou is so very important.
If you want to get involved and help change the lives of other young people you can: post on Treaclemoon's Facebook or Twitter page the most inspiring quite you know/can make up (be sure to use the hashtag #BEYOU). Or, post on their Facebook or Instagram an image that you feel celebrates yourself (again, be sure to use you hashtag). Or you could check out the #BEYOU shop, where all profit goes to BulliesOut.

Thursday, 20 August 2015


DISCLAIMER: I am not writing this blog post to show off or make anyone else feel bad. I'm simply writing this because a) I've never been more proud of myself as this is my first ever set of qualifications and b) I enjoy finding out how well other people have done and I'm so happy for everybody, even people I don't know haha!

In my school the majority of people have the opportunity to gain 8 GCSE's, however as I was considered a 'brighter' student in year 9 I was forced to take 'Triple Science' which is essentially taking all three sciences separately: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This also meant I had to take 3 exams for each science at the end of year 11, whereas those who took 'Double Science' only had to take 1 exam for each science at the end of year 10 and 1 exam for each science at the end of year 11. In case that was a little bit confusing all it means is that I (as a Triple Scientist) took 3 extra science exams but had the opportunity to gain 3 separate qualifications from it, i.e. a qualification in Biology, another qualification in Chemistry and another qualification in Physics. This meant I had the opportunity to gain 10 qualifications overall.

I am absolutely over the moon with getting a B in maths. Although my predicted grade changed from a B to an A I knew with the stress from all other exams (I had 20 exams in total) that I wasn't going to quite be able to push myself that far if I wanted to stay on top of my game in all my other subjects. I do really enjoy maths though and am taking Statistics next year as an AS Level.

Biology - A
Again, I was completely over the moon with an A in Biology, as a week before my first biology exam I received a mock exam back that I only scored a D on and literally had to leave the room because I was so heart broken and was basically having a panic attack. It turns out that within that week I got my ass into gear as I got an a* in the exam that I previously got a D in! In the two other biology exams I got a B and an A and In my course work I got an A, meaning I got an A overall.

Chemistry - B
I was mostly amazed at myself for managing to achieve a B in Chemistry, as if you did the C3 exam then you'll know how difficult it was! Which is probably why I got an E on it... WHOOPS! That doesn't matter though because on the two other exams I got B's and an A on my course work, leading to a B overall.

Physics - B
Again, I had prepared myself for the absolute worst in physics and was SO surprised when I came out with a B! Just like Chemistry I got an E on the final exam (P3), but on the other two exams I got B's and an A* on my course work, leading to a B overall - which I'm super happy about as I really thought I'd failed Chemistry and Physics all together.

French - B
Although I am really pleased with getting a B in French, I know I could have easily got an A... Over the course of year 10 and 11 I had got an A* for writing and an A for speaking. When it came down to my actual exams I slipped up a bit. I got an A in reading but completely failed listening and got a U. Oh well, I still got a B overall which I am still very pleased with.

English Literature - A
I took English Lit in year 10 and got an A which I was extremely proud of (and still am). I got FULL MARKS in my controlled assessment, and an A* for the exam on the poems, however I got a B on the other exam so got an A overall - which is obviously still amazing.

English Language - A
I have to admit I was a tad disappointed when I didn't get an A*, but only because I had got an A* in my CA's and I had previously got an A* in a mock exam. Nevertheless, I am still extremely happy with an A and am taking English Lit/Lang next year!

Media Studies - A* 
WOOOH!! This was the main exam I wanted to do well in and I absolutely smashed it. I got an A* in both my CA's and exam and I couldn't be happier. I cannot wait to take it next year!

Geography - B
Considering the fact I used to take foundation papers in Geography I am really proud of myself for getting a B. At the same time I am a little disappointed as I actually got an A in my CA and one of my exams and a B in the other exam but still came out with a B overall. Oh well; I'm still really proud of myself.

Psychology - A
Again, I am absolutely over the moon with getting an A in Psychology, especially as I'm taking it next year. I got 2 A's and 1 A* in my exams. I knew getting an A* was close to impossible with the grade boundaries being SO CLOSE and SO HIGH, so an A for me is truly amazing!

So, Overall I got 1A*, 4A's & 5B's and I couldn't be more proud of myself! I'd LOVE to know what you got so be sure to leave a comment, thank you!