Thursday, 20 August 2015


DISCLAIMER: I am not writing this blog post to show off or make anyone else feel bad. I'm simply writing this because a) I've never been more proud of myself as this is my first ever set of qualifications and b) I enjoy finding out how well other people have done and I'm so happy for everybody, even people I don't know haha!

In my school the majority of people have the opportunity to gain 8 GCSE's, however as I was considered a 'brighter' student in year 9 I was forced to take 'Triple Science' which is essentially taking all three sciences separately: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This also meant I had to take 3 exams for each science at the end of year 11, whereas those who took 'Double Science' only had to take 1 exam for each science at the end of year 10 and 1 exam for each science at the end of year 11. In case that was a little bit confusing all it means is that I (as a Triple Scientist) took 3 extra science exams but had the opportunity to gain 3 separate qualifications from it, i.e. a qualification in Biology, another qualification in Chemistry and another qualification in Physics. This meant I had the opportunity to gain 10 qualifications overall.

I am absolutely over the moon with getting a B in maths. Although my predicted grade changed from a B to an A I knew with the stress from all other exams (I had 20 exams in total) that I wasn't going to quite be able to push myself that far if I wanted to stay on top of my game in all my other subjects. I do really enjoy maths though and am taking Statistics next year as an AS Level.

Biology - A
Again, I was completely over the moon with an A in Biology, as a week before my first biology exam I received a mock exam back that I only scored a D on and literally had to leave the room because I was so heart broken and was basically having a panic attack. It turns out that within that week I got my ass into gear as I got an a* in the exam that I previously got a D in! In the two other biology exams I got a B and an A and In my course work I got an A, meaning I got an A overall.

Chemistry - B
I was mostly amazed at myself for managing to achieve a B in Chemistry, as if you did the C3 exam then you'll know how difficult it was! Which is probably why I got an E on it... WHOOPS! That doesn't matter though because on the two other exams I got B's and an A on my course work, leading to a B overall.

Physics - B
Again, I had prepared myself for the absolute worst in physics and was SO surprised when I came out with a B! Just like Chemistry I got an E on the final exam (P3), but on the other two exams I got B's and an A* on my course work, leading to a B overall - which I'm super happy about as I really thought I'd failed Chemistry and Physics all together.

French - B
Although I am really pleased with getting a B in French, I know I could have easily got an A... Over the course of year 10 and 11 I had got an A* for writing and an A for speaking. When it came down to my actual exams I slipped up a bit. I got an A in reading but completely failed listening and got a U. Oh well, I still got a B overall which I am still very pleased with.

English Literature - A
I took English Lit in year 10 and got an A which I was extremely proud of (and still am). I got FULL MARKS in my controlled assessment, and an A* for the exam on the poems, however I got a B on the other exam so got an A overall - which is obviously still amazing.

English Language - A
I have to admit I was a tad disappointed when I didn't get an A*, but only because I had got an A* in my CA's and I had previously got an A* in a mock exam. Nevertheless, I am still extremely happy with an A and am taking English Lit/Lang next year!

Media Studies - A* 
WOOOH!! This was the main exam I wanted to do well in and I absolutely smashed it. I got an A* in both my CA's and exam and I couldn't be happier. I cannot wait to take it next year!

Geography - B
Considering the fact I used to take foundation papers in Geography I am really proud of myself for getting a B. At the same time I am a little disappointed as I actually got an A in my CA and one of my exams and a B in the other exam but still came out with a B overall. Oh well; I'm still really proud of myself.

Psychology - A
Again, I am absolutely over the moon with getting an A in Psychology, especially as I'm taking it next year. I got 2 A's and 1 A* in my exams. I knew getting an A* was close to impossible with the grade boundaries being SO CLOSE and SO HIGH, so an A for me is truly amazing!

So, Overall I got 1A*, 4A's & 5B's and I couldn't be more proud of myself! I'd LOVE to know what you got so be sure to leave a comment, thank you!