Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Admittedly, most people probably haven't noticed my absences from the world of blogging, but I have decided to return from my not so little break and thought a short but sweet explanation may be useful. Here goes!

The Past:
Like most people (I hope) I blog for the enjoyment. So, without going into too much detail as to why I wasn't exactly enjoying life when I stopped blogging it had something to do with the fact I had just come out of a fairly lengthy relationship and was quickly approaching my AS exams. I also wasn't enjoying school at all, partly down to the dreaded English lessons I had to attend and I guess I just didn't want the added pressure of keeping a blog while going through several stressful experiences.

The Present:
Now though, I am sure you will be glad to hear that I am in a far better place, hence the return to my blog. In the few months I have been away I have managed to pass my AS exams (although I will hopefully be retaking one exam to do even better), I have passed my driving theory test, started seeing someone new, found a new best friend, dropped English at school and started my UCAS applications - fun times!

The Future:
The future is looking bright, but also challenging. The wonderful new gentleman I have recently started seeing is joining the RAF soon so that in itself is going to be an obstacle I am raring to overcome. In the time he's away I hope to better myself by staying positive, continuing to surround myself with the right people and studying extra hard. My driving test is booked (but that's a secret, shh), my 18th birthday is just around the corner and it's currently my favourite time of year! I'm prepared for the difficult decisions that I may have to face soon and I have also learnt that it's ok to feel down sometimes; everything always happens for a reason. Life is bliss.

Here's to many more blog posts to follow, CHEERS!!


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