Sunday, 29 November 2015


If you haven't been living under a rock for the past couple of years you won't need me to tell you just how popular 'vlog/blogmas' has become. And actually, I have to admit that watching certain Youtuber's Vlogmas videos is my guilty pleasure. Although I thought 'Vlogmas' just existed for those on YouTube, I have seen many bloggers this year suggesting that they're preparing for 'Blogmas'. So, I guess that leads to the question: Ellie, are you doing Blogmas this year?

Well, the answer is not exactly. Seems as Blogmas will last from the 1st-24th I have decided against doing Blogmas as although I have a few things planned over the Christmas season, for most of the time I will be at school - basically doing nothing. I am also going away for a few days after Christmas and am really hoping to share that with you, although of course, that wouldn't be involved in Blogmas. Instead, I'm hoping to number one: post more frequently and number two: write festive posts. This won't mean posts everyday, but it will mean lots of Christmas-y posts.

If you are planning on doing Blogmas please let me know as I can't wait to read other people's Christmas posts!


  1. I can't wait to see more of your posts!
    I am a moderator in the Teenage Blogger Central Google+ group, and we saw you wanted to join! (congrats, you're in!) The only thing we ask is that you register your blog (I promise you won't regret it, we have an amazing, supportive community!) and grab the button on the Teenage Blogger Central website!
    Looking forward to seeing you there! xx
    Bryleigh | A Little Yarn Blossom

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    2. Thank you! I'll make sure to add the button now :) xx