Sunday, 11 October 2015


I've always liked the idea of this tag - which may tell you something about my guilty pleasure of innuendos... I'm only going to write the answers to the questions because I want this post to be quick and easy to follow. Anyway, here are  my firsts:

My first tweet was: " EEEKKK!" on the 12th of Jauary 2012. I was quite clearly a true 1D fan.

My first blog post was the '21 Questions Tag'.

The first person I subscribed to on Youtube, because I genuinely enjoyed their videos, would have been Nicolegraceeee (although I don't watch her videos anymore) and TrueBeutie (I still love her videos).

"Unfortunately" my first ever profile picture doesn't exist any more, however I have a clear idea of it being something ridiculous where I was either posing by holding the camera above my head while I looked in another direction or I was doing the 'peace sign'. Ahh, how times have changed.

I don't still talk to the first person I (thought I) loved.

My first alcoholic drink was probably a WKD.

My first job was, and still is, working in the school coffee bar - I promise it's much better than it sounds.

I've never had a car so I don't have a first.

The first person to text me today was my daddy-kins.

The first person I thought of this morning was probably my boyfriend because I was with him.

My first primary school teacher was called Mrs O'Brian.

The first time I went on an airplane I was one and I went to one of the Canary Islands (I don't remember which on).

My first best friend was called Kitty but she left school to be home taught in year four and we didn't really speak after that. I cried when the teacher told me though.

Mt first sleepover was at my Nana and Grandad's house.

The first thing I did this morning was drink a cup of tea and post an Instagram picture.

The first ever concert I went to was JLS.

If I ever did break my bone (I never had an x-ray) it would have been one of my ribs from tripping over my P.E bag and falling down the stairs when I was late for school one day.

My first piercings were my normal ear lobes, which I got when I was 6.

The first film I remember going to the cinema to watch was the film Lassie.

My first detention was in year 8 because I was eating in the corridor - school at it's finest.

The first sport I was involved in was either Netball or Taekwondo.

The first thing I do when I get home is put my phone on charge.

My first (peck) kiss was on a school trip in year 6 while playing dares.

I only answered the questions that weren't repetitive and seemed relevant to me, If you decide to answer the questions, which you'll be able to find on the internet, then make sure you let me know.

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