Monday, 17 August 2015


This will definitely come as a surprise to many people but... I do not own a shower. Of course I own a bath, but nope, no shower. Like most girls, I enjoy having a long, hot bath to relax and pamper myself in, however as I take a bath every single day I have also become quite good at being quick and sufficient when it comes to my bath time. Here's my everyday, simple, bathing routine, enjoy:

So, to make the actual bath just a tad relaxing I add some cheap bubble bath. I'm currently using Asda's own brand which is practically scentless but still feels silky smooth on the skin. I only add bubble bath on days I'm not washing my hair as it's already difficult enough to wash shampoo out in a bath without there being bubbles in the water. In the summer time I also like to shave my legs quite regularly, so having a bath comes in very handy as I have found in the past that shaving in the shower is quite a challenge. To prepare for moisturising I use a 'poof scrub' thing along with shower gel or soap to exfoliate my skin and I do this around 3 times a week. Definitely do not exfoliate everyday as you will irritate your skin leaving it sore and red!

The next thing I do is moisturise my body. The two moisturisers I have been loving recently have been the Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion, which I use on my legs to give them a slight glimmering tan and the Jack Wills Body Butter which I use on the rest of my body in places that are dry or pealing due to sunburn. After this i slip on my dressing gown so I can allow the moisturiser to soak into my skin. I find this step especially important when using a tanning moisturiser as otherwise the moisturiser is rubbed straight off of the skin and the tan doesn't show up.

Finally, I moisturise my face. I'm not a big fan of this as I often find that when I don't moisturise I don't break out as much. Never the less, I make sure to put a small amount on the driest areas of my face, which is often my nose, chin and forehead where the sun hits most. I've always used the Oil of Olay moisturisers as they're what my mum has also always used. I actually want to find a new moisturiser so if you have any suggestions please let me know - I have oily-to-combination skin!

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