Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Before dying my hair:

After dying my hair:

Being a student, with little money, I try to find as many cheaper alternatives as possible. One of these alternatives include using box dyes to dye my own hair as opposed to getting it done professionally in a salon. Being a natural blonde it was quite a simple task to lighten it slightly. 

Onto the real question though - does this hair dye work? My hair is definitely lighter now it has been dyed, however I don't consider it to be 'platinum' as the product suggests. After looking at the colour chat on the box I knew my hair wouldn't be 'platinum' as my hair is naturally quite a dark blonde. However, I was only looking to brighten my hair, especially the roots, and give it a little bit more life - which is exactly what I feel the dye did. As I mentioned, I was especially looking to lighten my roots which is why they're slightly lighter than the rest of my hair now (whoops).

I would recommend this dye to anyone who already has blonde hair and is looking to give it a bit more life with it still looking natural.

P.S. I know my hair looks in really poor condition but I promise it's not! In both photos I hadn't done my hair so it was messy and 'fly-away' making it look like I had an unbelievable amount of split ends - sorry!


  1. My roots are horrendous at the minute and really dark! I've tried a few products including 'BLEACH' but no luck :( This is next on my list.

    1. Bless you! I did lighten my hair a little bit and made my roots go away so I hope the same happens for you!