Thursday, 23 July 2015


If you're like me and have the worst dark, under-eye circles in the WHOLE WORLD, then you need, need, need this concealer! This little pot of magic works wonders and is an absolute bargain at around £5! 

As I have personally used the Benefit Boi ing concealer I can easily say that this concealer is even better than the Boi ing concealer while also being much, much cheaper!

The coverage is high without the consistency being too thick - so it's basically perfect! Even when the concealer is only blended on my arm (as seen in the photos above) it's high coverage is visible, which is surprisingly amazing!

This concealer is super easy to blend and lasts all day long. Despite having to be set with powder (to stop if from creasing) it doesn't look cakey or overly matte. In fact, I would consider the finish to be quite satin, which I like.

Basically, I love this concealer and it truly works wonders! If you were hesitant to by it before I hope now you're mind is set - you ARE going to try it because it really is so worth it.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Before dying my hair:

After dying my hair:

Being a student, with little money, I try to find as many cheaper alternatives as possible. One of these alternatives include using box dyes to dye my own hair as opposed to getting it done professionally in a salon. Being a natural blonde it was quite a simple task to lighten it slightly. 

Onto the real question though - does this hair dye work? My hair is definitely lighter now it has been dyed, however I don't consider it to be 'platinum' as the product suggests. After looking at the colour chat on the box I knew my hair wouldn't be 'platinum' as my hair is naturally quite a dark blonde. However, I was only looking to brighten my hair, especially the roots, and give it a little bit more life - which is exactly what I feel the dye did. As I mentioned, I was especially looking to lighten my roots which is why they're slightly lighter than the rest of my hair now (whoops).

I would recommend this dye to anyone who already has blonde hair and is looking to give it a bit more life with it still looking natural.

P.S. I know my hair looks in really poor condition but I promise it's not! In both photos I hadn't done my hair so it was messy and 'fly-away' making it look like I had an unbelievable amount of split ends - sorry!