Wednesday, 17 June 2015


I recently purchased the Mac Select Moisturecover Concealer and I have to say: I am very impressed. I brought the concealer online, which is probably never a good idea when it comes to matching make-up shades to skin shades, but nevertheless I'm impatient so I did it anyway. I brought the colour NC 20 due to summer coming up, however I'm already happy with my colour choice; It's a little lighter than the foundation I wear and will be perfect for the summer when I tan.

The concealer is not super high coverage, but as the name suggests it is super moisturising. It's easily build-able but covers my dark under eye circles with just one layer - which is really impressive as my under eye circles are basically black (they're very dark). This concealer also manages to cover my freckles, although this doesn't bother me as I actually really like freckles, though I do know that not everyone does so this is an advantage. However, I wouldn't necessarily use this concealer on any spots as it is quite light reflecting and I would personally use it more as a subtle highlight.

This concealer does blend really well and a little goes a long way, leaving a satin finish - which is utterly beautiful! I really do like this concealer and despite it being just over £15 and more than I would normally pay I will definitely be re-purchasing it.