Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Sooo, I've been nominated for the 'Versitile Blogger Award' and the 'Liebster Award' by Petek Celik (whose blog is one of my favourites).

For each of the awards you have to nominate your favourite bloggers to answer a set of questions. However I unfortunately don't know a great deal of bloggers yet (boo) so I'm tagging anyone who reads this! For the 'Liebster Award' you just have to answer a set of questions asked by the person who tagged you, so I'll leave a set of questions at the end of this post for anybody to answer!

The "Versitle Blogger Award" is more open, meaning I can choose 7 facts to share about myself, so...

 I'm taking 20 exams in 3 months time, and with the exception of 2/3 I'm predicted an a/a* in them all (which I'm abound by, but also very proud of!)

 I grew my hair half way down my back before having it cut above my shoulders (oh, and it's currently dip-dyed purple!)

 I have 6 piercings (excluding lobes) but I plan to get more! I also want to write a blog post on them soon.

 I've had a bottom brace for 2 years 2 months and a top brace for 1 year 6 months. I've also had a two hour operation on my teeth & gums which involved... don't worry I'll spare you the details haha!

 I completely love Buddhas and actually went through a stage of 'being Buddhist' and although I still believe in some of the Buddhist beliefs, it wasn't for me...

 I always wanted a brother/sister when growing up, but my mum couldn't have children (I was a miracle baby haha) but I remember wishing for a sister one birthday as I blew out the candles on my cake and to everyone's surprise my mum got pregnant when I was 10. I now have a little sister.

 I used to be OBSESSED with One Direction, to the point where I pretended to be married to Niall Horan. CRINGE!

For the 'Liebster Award' I was tagged to answer these questions...

1) What makes you smile most?
My boyfriend. I openly admit he's my best friend so he makes me happy & I can tell him anything. I don't think there's anything more satisfying than knowing you can tell that one person anything you want to. 

2) Favourite singer/band?
I guess The Weeknd or Drake when I'm in the mood? But I prefer listening to individual songs than artists, if that makes sense?

3) What's the one food you can't live without?
Easy, chocolate.

4) Next planned destination
I know I'm going Cornwall in the summer, but I recently found out that I'm going to the Canary Islands (or somewhere thereabouts) next Easter!

5) Favourite blogger/Youtuber
I've loved Zoella for as long as I can remember, however I am really in love with TrueBeutie; her videos are flawless and she puts so much effort in!

6) Ben & Jerry's or Haagen Dazs?
100% Ben & Jerry's!

7) Favourite hair care brand?
I've never really been 'in to' hair care etc. but I can't go without my Batiste dry shampoo. Also, I've just brought the L'oreal Elvive thickening products so things could change.

8) Your go-to makeup item?
Collect Lasting Perfection Concealer. It's so ard to get your hands on but it's so, so good!

9) Snapchat or Instagram?
Instagram! Instagram! Instagram! Instagram! Instagram! Instagram! Instagram! Instagram! 

10) Where do you get your style/fashion interests from?
I just tend to buy and wear what I like, though I have seen and loved various outfits that Tanya Burr has thrown together.

11) Plane journeys or car journeys?
Late night car journeys are my guilty pleasure.


 Popcorn: sweet or salty?


Comfy clothes or stylish clothes?


 Quiet night in or BIG night out?

Best/most memorable book you've read?

Curly hair or straight hair?

When you're older: apartment in the city or cottage by the sea?


Favourite trip or holiday?


 What's your miracle makeup item?

 Favourite clothes shop?


Fussy abut anything?


 What's your blogging story - where did it all begin?